There are so many ways that are coming up for people to make money and build empires through online hustles. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and enticing ways we have today. There are so many opportunities for people to be affiliates and make money online. We can only thank God for this. No one has a reason to be broke unless they are living in a jungle. With programs such as the Job Killer System, one can quickly sort out their lives. The Job Killer System promises you to make up to $347 in a day. But the question is whether or not it delivers on this promise.

Judging from the name, you can easily be enticed to quit your job. The system promises to give you a lot of commission that your job will be the one thing you need to let go so that you can make progress in life. But is it the case?

What The Job Killer System Is All About

The system is one of the many systems that we have that introduces you to affiliate marketing, teaches you all the moves you need to make, and assigns a coach to help you seal deals. What you need to understand is that when you are buying the system, you are buying a different system depending on the website that you are using. The Job Killer System will cost you something between $37 and $49 plus a few up-sells depending on the system you are buying.

Jeff Lerner created job Killer System, and it is a sales funnel that funnels you to other different programs. There are two websites; the and the As said earlier, depending on the website that you use, you will be introduced to a different program. The will funnel you to the Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System while the will funnel you to Aspire.

Jeff Lerner is an affiliate marketer who uses the system to attract clients that are going to buy into the real systems that he is selling. Every time a person signs up with him, and they purchase a product; he gets a commission from the sale. That is how he makes money.

In the same way, when you become an affiliate marketer after purchasing their ‘licensing’ rights after the training, you will also be making money in this way. You will be required to bring in more people who will purchase what you are selling whether Aspire Today or Jeff’s 6 Figure Business. For every sale you make, a specific commission will be given to you. while many people may complain about the systems saying that they are too expensive, it is a reason to be glad. That only means that you will get significant commissions.

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

This is a system that has excellent perks and can potentially make you a lot of money when you get it right. Typically, this system promises to make you between $500 and $7,000 in commission. However, all these come with a lot of hard work and investments into the program. The system offers excellent training and requires you to purchase them before you can sell them. They call this the ‘licensing’ deal. The product is a high-end product that will earn you a lot if you bring in more people.


Aspire is just a small picture of the bigger picture called Digital Altitude. By purchasing Aspire Today, you are taking your first step into the Digital Altitude world which is more popular. When you get involved with Aspire Today, you will get very decent training on how to sell the product to others, and you can get the chance to buy into other products. These products also do not come cheaply, and that is why you can be sure that you will make a fortune while in the business. AspireToday promises huge sums of money as a commission as well.

Does The System Work?

This is what everyone wants to know before they invest in the system and it is a smart move. You cannot believe everything people say until you are sure by yourself. There are so many scam systems that have come up that have failed a lot of people, and many wonder whether or not this system is like the others.

Job Killer System is different from other systems, and it works for them that are patient enough to see the fruits of their labor. One thing that everyone needs to understand is that affiliate marketing is a real thing and it works. Many people have seen excellent financial growth from affiliate marketing. The same applies to the Job Killer System. However, you have to look beyond the system and focus on what the system offers you. In as much as the system sells you a different program, the programs work and are a significant source of income.

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By being an affiliate, in as much as the system makes your job as simple as possible and especially with the autopilot feature, there is still work for you to do. You need to make an effort to grow your ‘tree’ and to make more investments.

This is a business like any other business. That means that you cannot afford to be lazy. It also means that it may take some time before you can see the results you expected when you began the journey. The question is, are you patient enough to wait? This is where a lot of people go wrong and quit before time only to claim the system is a scam. If it works for others, then you may as well be the problem.

The only thing to take note of is that Jeff Lerner is a salesperson. Salespeople always use attractive claims to lure clients. While it is real you can make the figures they claim, keep an open mind because you may not make the numbers the next day. It may take some time, but you will get there. Aspire Today, and Jeff’s 6 Figure Business are products with high potentials.

D0 I Recommend?

Yes, I recommend the system because it works beyond any reasonable doubts. Keep your mind open and be smart about everything. Also, exercise patience.