Freelancing is one of the major ways a lot of people are making money online. Online writing has grown so much over the years, and many people are turning to and making it a source of income. The advantage of it is that you can never run out of business because people will always be looking for your services by the minute. A lot of people get paid to write online, and they have been able to grow their clientele over time and strengthen their online careers over time.

 You can also do the same. Writing is an art and a talent to a great extent. Therefore, if you believe you are ready, then here is all you need to know. 

Get The Perfect Writing Site

There are so many websites that allow freelance writers to register with them and explore the opportunities they have. As a writer, while choosing a site, some facts should be at the back of your mind.

The Reputation of The Site

Reputation is very vital for the site you are going to choose. Every site has something that makes them stand out, and others have something that makes them the worst choice ever. Therefore be watchful and mindful. Carry out research and see what people are saying about the website. Look at the popularity of the website. See the comments that people have and their experience.

The Requirements of The Website

As stated earlier, all websites are very different. There are those that have special requirements before they can accept you as a writer. Such requirements can be issues like your geographical location, nationality, professionalism, a niche that they deal with, being an English native speaker, and so on. There are also sites that will require you to pay to be listed as a freelancer such as

The Traffic That The Site Has

The site’s traffic is a significant factor to consider because it shows that there are a lot of people viewing the site. Therefore, there is an excellent chance for more people to view your profile and to post jobs there. The higher the traffic, the more opportunities one can have to a great extent.

The Work Supply

This is a crucial factor that every writer must consider. A website’s amount of work must be top rated so that you do not end up with a situation where there are so many writers scrambling for very few opportunities. That is a sorry state that will frustrate you

Look at The Commission Rates

The commission rates that a site offers are vital to take note of when looking for the perfect website. You do not want a site that takes a lot of commission from your hard earned money. PeoplePerHour is a site that stands out when it comes to commissions.

Unlike other sites where they cut from your earnings, this website will charge the client a certain percentage. They take the percentage of the client’s deposit. For the other sites, you can choose the sites that charge minimal commission rates.

Being A Writer

As an online writer, a lot is at stake for you, and you cannot afford to fail. It is effortless for you to build your brand when starting out as well as ruining the chances of creating an outstanding brand. It will all depend on you.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue that you must exercise as a writer. As you start out, you may not make a lot of money for your services, but over time, your income will increase. Set standards of excellence as you start and be consistent. For instance, Upwork has writers who earn up to $200 for 500-words articles. This did not happen overnight.

Send Excellent Proposals

A lot of sites require you to send out proposals that clients will look at and judge whether or not they will hire you. If it is the first time you are working with a client, ensure that your proposal is a professional and top notch.

Include everything that you are bringing to the table and never forget to attach a sample of your previous works.

Be Authentic

No one wants to pay for articles that are plagiarized. This is a great offense that every writer must know. Plagiarism is a mistake that will make clients run from you as fast as they possibly can never to return. Ensure that your works come out clean always.

Mind Mistakes

Grammar mistakes are costly, and they speak negatively about the quality of work you offer. No one wants to pay for substandard work that is full of grammar mistakes.

Know Your Worth

As a writer, your skills keep getting better by the day. When you know that your services deserve more, do not be scared of changing your rates. As an individual, you grow every day. Therefore, your pay should match the quality of services you offer. There are excellent sites that can give you the change to state your rates.

Top Sites For You To Try

There are some excellent sites that you can use to write online and get paid. They include:

Upwork: this site was formed after the merging of oDesk and Elance. There are great opportunities, and it is one of the most popular sites in the world.

Freelancer: the site has an excellent flow of work and is also very popular. Filtering their job listings is easy and fast. You can also browse the jobs before signing up.

Iwriter: the website is excellent and ha different categories. As a new writer, you will belong to the standard category, and you will have to climb your way to the top of the food chain.

Guru: the website is dependable, secure and very common. You get a free account, but there are tests that you can take to prove your skills that may cost you some small fees.

Hubstaff Talent: this is also a trusted site that you can use. It is very similar to Upwork, and you can quickly get work here and get paid.

Writing online and getting paid is a fulfilling job that gives you a lot of freedom and control over your life. When you get it right the first time, your life will get better, and you will be a happy writer. Endless opportunities are waiting for you to explore them.