Are you a lover of gaming? Do you live to enjoy all the games that keep being developed and can never have enough of the thrill that comes with the games? There is nothing wrong with that but everything great to think about because you can now monetize your love for games. There are endless ways to get money online, and playing games are the most outstanding way to get some cash. It is fun, eventful, and gratifying.

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You now have the chance to make a living from games and no one will tell you to stop playing games because they do not pay the bills.

Making Money Online By Playing Video Games

There are numerous ways in which you can make tons of money online through games. The various game tester jobs that we have in the market include the following.

Playing New and Upcoming Games

Games get developed day after day. Therefore, you can be sure that you will have excellent and consistent opportunities. It gives you a chance to play some of the games that no one else has played them including your friends. This is a privilege that you cannot pass.

Taking an Online Survey About Games

Online survey jobs are increasingly becoming famous over time. The gaming industry is not left behind because the surveys help a lot in knowing the mind of the consumer. Game surveys can earn you between $5 and $75 depending on the site. Typically, all you have to do is answer game-related questions after being familiar with the game.

You Can Be a Part of a Focus Group

Focus groups are always set up that includes some people who enjoy a particular game. The individuals will then share their experiences from the game and also offer constructive ideas that are going to enhance the game and the experience. Participating in the focus groups can earn you up to $150 an hour.

Reviewing New Games

Game reviews are also worth a lot of money, especially of new games. Whenever a new game is launched, people would like to know all they can about the game. Therefore, as a reviewer, you can provide details about the features, graphics quality, and so on. You can get up to $30 for an hour.

Try New Gaming Consoles, Controllers, and Other Equipment

This is also another easy way to earn some cash and get these products for free.

Previewing Trailers For New Games

Previewing trailers requires little to no efforts. It is fun and thrilling. You can earn up to $25 for this exercise for just an hour. Therefore, in a day you can make up to $100 depending on your availability to work.

 These are the many opportunities that the gaming industry offers to game lovers. It makes one unregretful for loving games. 

What More You Gain

There is so much to gain from video game tester jobs than money. As a video game tester, you benefit from:

Keeping the games, new consoles, controllers, and so on: the company that hires you for your services will allow you to keep the products they want you to test or review. You can also sell them if you wish.

You get invitations to game conferences: game conferences are excellent because they expose you to so much more than you will ever know. It will help you think more about yourself other than just being a tester or review. You will also have invitations to launches, conventions, Expos, and more.

You get a deeper understanding of the game, the tips, and the tricks: game testers get to learn about the cheat codes, the secrets, and every other exploit that can give them the advantage while playing the games.

Becoming A Game Tester

To become a game tester does not require much from an individual. But one thing that you need is a passion for gaming and experience with different video games. The passion you have means that you are exposed and up to the task. This will make you productive and competitive.

The steps to follow to be a gamer are very simple.

Learn Everything About Game Testing

The primary task of the game tester is to play video games and be paid. However, there is more to it than just that. Therefore, ensure that you know everything that is expected of you as a tester. Acquire the necessary skills relevant and learn al the vocabularies used in game testing.

Identify Gaming Jobs Online Websites That You Can Trust

This is the first step to take because there are a number of them. You have to pick the perfect website that meets all your needs and requirements. There are some guiding factors for the perfect website.

The Reputation of The Website

Reputation will either make you trust a website and sign up with it or to keep moving and try to get another website. See what people are saying about the website and check whether they are satisfied or not.

The Payment Methods Available

There are different ways for you to get your reward as a game tester. Some options include cash, free games, free accessories, gift cards from top companies, play station plus point, free subscriptions to Netflix, and so much more.

The Requirements

If there are any requirements, ensure that you are acquainted with them from the word go. This leads you to ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions that the company offers.

Create an Account

Once you identify a website that you prefer, create an account and complete your profile. Once you are ready, you can apply for a job, play a game, and get paid.

Top Websites For You To Consider

There are numerous excellent websites for game testers to use to get high paying opportunities. They are as follows.

Quick Rewards

The website is known as one of the top paying websites.

The website requires that you go through their rigorous tests to ensure that you are indeed up to the task. You can earn up to $150.

Paid Game Player

The website pays you to play games as well as to carry out surveys.

Inbox Dollars

This website is a GPT website that is almost the same as Swagbucks, and they pay you to play games.


The website offers unique tokens that player can use to win prizes in cash. The website offers a total of $1000 every day. You can also enter sweepstakes.

Game lovers can now make money and still enjoy what they do without anyone pushing them to get a ‘real’ job.